MAGIC 2014 Award Winners

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Ivan Weichert, State of Kansas (retired) - MAGIC Lifetime Achievement Award

Ivan has been an active, lively participant, integral to the internal workings of the MAGIC Steering Committee for many years. Ivan served as MAGIC's Secretary for many years, always the detail-conscious participant in fiscal and budget discussions of the Steering Committee, and held a wide variety of roles over his 15+ years of active participation—Steering Committee, Speaker, Moderator, Short Course Chair, Exhibits Chair. Ivan also has been the custodian of the earliest meeting minutes/records of MAGIC that were faithfully compiled by former colleague Jim Parker, who coordinated closely with KU Continuing Education when that organization underwrote formative MAGIC Symposium activities. Without Ivan’s diligence in organizing and protecting these documents, some useful background metrics would have been lost.

Ivan's earliest commitments to GIS stem from his background working in Shawnee County, Kansas (Topeka) as the Chair of the joint City/County Planning Commission for 20 years, a stint at IT Director for Shawnee County, followed by a whirlwind tour collecting GPS coordinates for all livestock containment facilities across Kansas for KDHE. As a certified project manager with KITO (Kansas Information Technology Office), DISC (Dept of Information Systems and Communication) and now OITS (Office of Information Technology Services), his role in these leadership positions led to Ivan becoming the first Geographic Information Officer (GIO) for Kansas under the Kansas One Map legislation passed in 2012.

MAGIC has a continuing history of close ties to national GIS initiatives for many years, and Ivan extended the legacy of leadership from our MAGIC Community by becoming the 4th MAGIC official to eventually lead NSGIC as President (2012-13). His extensive and active role in Kansas GIS, long-term participation and leadership within MAGIC, and participation in national GIS initiatives through NSGIC are all noteworthy and exceptional achievements.

Mike Sharp, Oklahoma Geographic Information Council (OGIC) - GIS Coordination

There are few individuals in the State of Oklahoma that officially wear so many professional titles. Mike currently is the Chair of the Oklahoma Geographic Information Council, the State Geographic Information Coordinator of the Office of Geographic Information, the OGI & Technical Services Director, the Assistant Director AML Program while being housed under the Oklahoma Conservation Commission. Mike is committed to to furthering GIS as a resource & profession in Oklahoma. His initiative and vision has developed an unfunded position into an established resource that recently has been called to become an integral part of Oklahoma's Incident Management Team and Statewide EOC. His drive to provide Oklahoma with a GIS data clearinghouse has produced OKMAPS and the various integrations of GIS into multiple disciplines. In a position where most times the requests for data or assistance does not come with any additional resources and only expectations, Mike sees creative opportunities to the ever changing obstacles. Mike's cohesive nature and genuine desire to foster statewide cooperation in GIS firmly establish him as a Magic Award GIS Coordination recipient.

Lisa Mondt, City of Ames, IA - GIS Innovation

Each year the City's 2800 fire hydrants must be individually flushed to clear sediment out of the 240 miles water main and then tested to ensure each is working properly. In 2011 Lisa Mondt, GIS Specialist, implemented a creative approach using ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS for iOS, SQL-RS, ArcGIS for SL and Python scripting. This improvement cut the time for flushing by 8 days. Crews could now see in real-time which hydrants have been flushed, where other personnel were working and other necessary information. Recognizing the need for better public awareness Lisa created a publicly accessible GIS web map which shows in real time where crews are working and which hydrants have been maintained. This innovation helped to better inform the public which led to a significant reduction in phone calls related to the process. Using ArcGIS for SL Lisa developed a web viewer for operations supervisors to access critical information including maintenance history, hydrants out-of-service and long flush times and provides access to dynamic SQL reports. The reports instantly provide needed information and have saved countless hours in what would otherwise require tedious preparation. Realizing the importance of leveraging the information Lisa creatively added storm intake information to the application which allows field personnel to identify plugged intakes for later maintenance. Likewise she made the out-of-service hydrant information available to the City's firefighters. Lisa's innovative and comprehensive approach embodies the power GIS can provide. The system was created with an understanding that information is consumed across the enterprise and enables the sharing of critical information to all.

Amber Reynolds, Jackson County, MO - GIS Service

Amber has been the backbone for MAGIC for many years now. By the time the Symposium rolls around she will have spent almost four years as the Chair of the Consortium. She also will be close to beginning her term as the Chair of the Missouri GIS Advisory committee. While Amber's leadership service is commendable, her real contribution to 'GIS service' has been continued technical support of MAGIC for the past 12+ years. While many have served leadership roles, Amber has been the primary (and perhaps solo) member of the team updating the web site, programming the data entry tools, fixing the bugs, supporting the social media, etc. No one else has stepped forward to do this work. MAGIC is coordination organization, but none of this coordination could take place without Amber's tireless and often unrecognized contributions.

Heather Schafer, Boone County, MO, Boone County Plat Book - Best Project Showcase

2013 marked the first year that Boone County released their first in-house developed Plat Book. Created by the GIS Department for the Boone County Assessor's Office, the Plat Book is available as a tranditional professionally printed and bound Plat Book as well as downloadable Adobe PDF files or viewable on a mobile device/PC using a map viewer. The Plat Book features township level ownership and reference maps, city area maps, County road map, park maps, reference maps, & road and owner index lists and is updated each spring. View Heather's Project Here