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The MAGIC states experience a multitude of events at the hands of Mother Nature. The Midwest is prone to ice storms in the winter, floods and tornados in the spring and early summer, and droughts in late summer. As a result of these events, the need for GIS during emergency response activities has been highlighted over and over again. With the use of GIS it is possible to better manage a response, the recovery and the mitigation of these events. MAGIC is working to address the use of GIS for emergency response thru education, partnerships and policy.

The MAGIC Emergency Preparedness committee coordinates workshops, builds community for interstate response among the MAGIC states, addresses data and policy issues and works towards an overall integration of GIS into the Emergency Response lifecycle.

The Emergency Response & Management committee hosts two user groups that are open to the public:

If you have questions or ideas, you may contact the Emergency Response and Management Chair, Ryan Lanclos.